HOT VOX Presents: SWYM // Th3MostWantd // Luke Glazsher // CLAVIS 7EVEN // NOSA

Fri 4th Nov
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
HOT VOX Presents: SWYM // Th3MostWantd // Luke Glazsher // CLAVIS 7EVEN // NOSA

The Workshop is a little gem of a discovery underneath the Roadtrip Bar on Old Street. With an underground hacienda feel, this sweatbox venue is the perfect setting for bands cutting their teeth on the scene, or those wanting to get up close and personal with the crowd.

SWYM What You Mean, that’s exactly what SWYM (Swim) do with every song
and story that they tell. Dive into a hip-hop, neo soul, RnB
experience that will leave you wanting more. SWYM wants you to really
dip into your pool of emotions drawing inspiration from the likes of
Tom Misch, D’angelo and Thundercat to talk about some of the harder
life topics that need to be discussed.

Th3MostWantd is a Brazilian rapper who makes his own perspective of the world and shows it through his songs.

His blend of folk music and hip-hop gives him the opportunity to describe his life in a potent but non-braggadocio way as he rejects the culture who gave him the vision.

This rejection is not disrespect, but an opportunity to do better, and to speak clearly about current issues like mental health and lack of leadership.

“I’ll write my life and I’ll search for the sound then, I’ll travel the world to show what I found”

Luke Glazsher Glazsher is an alternative R&B/indie rock artist from Lincoln. After a few years of producing for other artist in the East London scene, Luke is now recording/performing his own work. With influences that range from Arctic Monkeys to Chet Baker, Luke uses a variety of different genres in his music. The music tends to have an ambient and atmospheric ‘spacey quality to it and the lyrics mostly take a ‘story telling’ direction.

CLAVIS 7EVEN 7EVEN is a rapper, singer-songwriter born in DR Congo and raised in Wolverhampton. He developed his talent as part of the church choir his beliefs and faith are mirrored in the thoughtful and introspective lyrics that set him apart from the rest, making him a mindful writer. His storytelling ability is emphasised and highlighted by the way his voice lends itself to different genres from R&B to Afro-fusion and Rap. Having a strong direction with his music journey, Clavis wants his music to touch souls and resonate with people that can feel heard and represented through his art. A good way to sum up CLAVIS 7EVEN would be an elegant and truthful storyteller.

NOSA is an artist that longs to find the right words and musical moods to express his thoughts and feelings. From hip-hop to alternative RnB, Nosa draws from different sounds and inspirations to produce what is ultimately a unique, fresh sound that he uses to articulate the heavy feelings and emotions of everyday life. Whether it be through poetic lyrics or soulful, smooth vocals, Nosa always seeks to inspire introspection within his listeners.

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